Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Credits goes to... My Oven!

Without this lousy, but still work-able oven, I wouldn't be able to carry out my bakings and to indulge in my baking therepy..

This oven was built into the kitchen cabinet, in fact the whole kitchen was designed and built by the contractors, so when my dad bought the house, everything was fix nicely..

So I always has this mindset that this oven is for free.. Hahaha!

Anyway, if I were to be less picky, I consider this oven serving it's primarily function well. It's idiot-proof and really user friendly, just turn on the timer and the temperature, then off you send your bakes in.. *that's what I did*

I mean I don't understand what it meant by fan-based type etc.. I just use the most simple mode.. But nevertheless, my bakes still came out good and edible without being burnt.
Enough of those lengthy wordy tortures, showing you my humble oven:

Brand: ELBA

Interior view, I think it dn't have any fan in there.. *most likely?*

The Knobs..
Actually, I prefer those type of oven where you can key in the temp digitally.. Which I believe it to be more accurate. Maybe next time when I've my own home sweet home, I shall buy one big one so I can bake alot of things at a time.. Save money, save time!

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