Saturday, December 27, 2008

First try.. MACARONS!

Attempt macarons for the first time ever! Actually baking macarons was on my list for the longest time ever, but didn't manage to pluck up the courage to try as I've heard too much of the failures.. Therefore after going to Aunty Yochana's macaron class, I stop procastinating, and get started on MACARONS!!

Went to get the basic stuff needed for macarons!

After baking macarons, then I understand how joyous and how depressing it can be.. My virgin try turns yield half good and half bad macarons. Half of the macarons cracked, espcially the chocolate macarons, crack like nobody's business whereas the pink macaron fare slightly better, less cracks and more prominent dainty feets.

The bad macarons

And the good macarons!

I stayed vigilant by the oven, spotting for feet, for cracks and for everything that could possibly happen to my babies... Therefore when I spot the ugly crackings, my heart sank, and after I spot the crackings, I started search for the good macarons among the bads, when I spot some good ones, I get so happy again!

Haha, so whenever a batch of my babies in the oven baking, my mood tends to fluctuates up and down..

I totally forgot to take a picture of the good-and-bad chocolate macarons, because by that time, I was too tired to do so.. Spend a total of 5hours in the kitchen baking them..

When it comes to baking.. I tends to work like a snail in the kitchen and to add on, the macarons need to be rest..

I prepared the macaron shells on the 25th, then I pipe the fillings on the 26th as my sis's bf requested some for his function, and some macarons was given to B's family as well. Hope they like it..

Some of the ugly macarons went into my stomach. Never judge a macaron by it's appearence! The macarons might look ugly, but definately delish! Once you start poping, U can't stop!

I sandwich chocolate macarons with peanut apricot buttercream, combination might be weird, but personally I think that the peanut and apricot goes well together!

The pink macarons was sandwich with sesame buttercream. Personally I adore the pink macarons! Ain't they beautiful? (I've a soft spot for pinky stuffs!)

11 macarons went into a beautiful box, and was given to B, and he likes it!

As from what I understand from Aunty Yochana, cracking might be due to over-resting of the macarons, which happens in my case.. I rest the macarons for 45-50 minutes? I rest the macarons and meanwhile I do other things, thus it cracks...

Next attempt I shall pay closer attention to them!

Note Note: Goodbye Bakerzin (selling each macarons for $1.50)! Welcome to homebaked macarons by yours truly!


Tan Shuh Woon said...

Hi, Nice Macarons!! I love Chocolate macarons!! And teh pink one so lovely... so you were the one that bought the last bottle of rose powder colour from Sun Lik?? haha.... i could get yellow colour only, would like to share with you my macaron picture also! view my not so updated blog: (its actually a blog about my daughters) Well, Jia You and make more macarons!!

anyway did you use italian meringue or glossy method?

Carrie said...

Hi Shuh Woon,

Eh, Ya! How you know? I search the whole box of colourings, wanted to get the green one, but dn't have, so settle for the rose pink! Haha!

I did the meringue method. Actually aunty yochana forward me a email sent by you (with a pic attachment), I must say that your macarons looks professional!


evelyn said...

Hi Carrie,
congrat to your succeed for the virgin try. good work. i've fail mi it's come out cracking with collapes, funny right?
i oso dont know where went wrong, but i'll try again.
BTW have you recive the photo i mail to you? is it clear?

Carrie said...

Hi evelyn,

Oh hi hi eve, yeah, I've received the pictures! Thanks a million! Much much appreciated!


chumpman said...

Never judge a macaron by it's appearence ? That's funny, Carrie. I don't mind to share the ugly macarons with you but they might probably do not exist anymore in future. Add oil !

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Haha, yeah.. yah, those macarons of mine looks ugly, but surprisingly, taste good!

Hmm.. Might take a break from baking macarons, cos my family don't fancy butter, and sweet stuffs.. So I usually slash the sugar contents of my bakes, but sad to say so that macarons needs lots of sugar..

If my family dn't "support" me.. Then I will makan all.. and adding on to the fats on my waist (as if I have waist) Hehe..


Jo said...

Wow! They look great! And i bet they taste great too!

It's selling so expensive!!! Have to close both eyes to buy! ;p

Jo said...

BTW, i cannot cook at all. ;p

Carrie said...

Hi Jo,

Yessss.. I totally agree that it's so expensive for that small piece of extremely sweet cookie... It's much much more cheaper to bake it yourself.. Won't feel the pinch and wallet will not be "lighter" haha!