Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quiche... When I was 10!

I just realised something...

I made Quiche when I was in primary 4! And that's like when I'm 10 years old! Crazy or what?!

Yes.. I'm seriously not lying! Back then my sister bought this new oven, and I remember it clearly that day after school I reached home I've nothing to eat, so I just any-o-how add in things into aluminium cup, and bake it in the oven.. Seriously, I have no idea how on earth I know how to set the right temp of the oven etc.. (And I'm very sure I did not preheat the oven)

I can vaguely remember that I added in mushrooms, ham, cheese, spring onions, salt, pepper, eggs and milk in....

Why till now then I remember?

Cos recently read up alot on quiches.. Wanna try making them and pack them into bentos.. And after reading it for quite a few times, then it suddenly strikes me that "Hey, I've tried this before!"

Haha! Amazing right?

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