Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bento #1

I prepared a bento box to fill my stomach, and I incuded all my favourite foodies in the bento box!

I like food that please my eyes! I mean I don't arrange my food like above for every meal, but at least I don't like my plate to be messy with food dumping on top of rice.. Ok, except fried rice, I love fried rice!

So anyway, I shall name the contents of the bento box one-by-one starting from the top right hand corner, in a clockwise motion:

-Blanched french beans top with half a prawn, Blanched beanspouts top with half a prawn.

-Hard boiled egg, cut into a smile-y face.

-Boiled fishballs skewered using cutie toothpick

-Lettuce tossed in salad cream, tomatoes, blackpepper as seasoning and with even more prawns.

This bento box is definitely loaded with fibers and proteins! I'm a prawn lover, cereal prawns esp! But at the same time, prawns are loaded with cholestrol too, sigh.. So I'm limiting myself to the amount of prawns I can eat. *control control*

Another of my favourite will be beanspouts a.k.a Tau Geh, cheap and good! Whenever my mum cook beanspouts, I'll definitely be the one that polish off half a plate and still yearning for more! After doing a search online, apparently beanspouts contains pure form of vitamin A, B, C and E, in additon to that, it also contains an assortment of minerals, like calcium, potassium and iron! A big packet of beanspouts only cost you 50cents? So indeed it's cheap and good!

So after polishing off the bento box, I ended up with a protruding belly.. And its an indication that my stomach is overloaded with food..

*Self note to myself, next time pack a smaller serving of bento box!*


Tan Shuh Woon said...

hi, nice to meet you at the macaron class! Though you just started your blog, but I can see that you really have the passion for cooking! And nice bento set, I like the way that you cut your egg, think I should do it for my kids, hope they will enjoy their fodd more that way. By the way, hope to see your posting on the macaron that we just learn soon!

shuh woon

Carrie said...

Hi Shuh Woon,

Nice to meet you too! I din know that U've kiddos! U look so young and so in shape to me! Heheh..

Oh yah, thank you so much for long-bang-ing me out to the bustop! If not I think I'll have to walk till drop! hehe!

I'll post abt the macaron class once I got my pictures!


chumpman said...

Your bento box looked great ! Nice colors, healthy food, very refreshing

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Thanks thanks! Hehe, very nice to eat too, cos I literally stuff all my fav food inside and feed myself silly.. heehhee