Friday, December 12, 2008

First Blog Post

Hello all, this is my first blog post! I'm very excited as I'm embarking on a journey to bake more stuffs and to try more new recipes!!

I love to bake very much, it is an interest developed when I was in secondary 4!

I can still clearly remember how my cake turns out to be kueh (being over ambitious, I tried to make Banaba orange muffin), how chocolate cake turns out to have plastic smell, and how cookies becomes stones (extremely bitter at the same time).

But luckily, I still manage to make some decent chocolate chip cookies using betty cocker's premix.. =p (W/O screwing it up)

Nevertheless, I try here and there and manage to at least bake some edible foodies...

So being a novice, I'm still learning and hope all the shi-fu(s) out there in the cyberworld can guide me along... Much much much appreciated!

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