Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Ready..... To bake.... MACARONS!

Ok, finally after so long of procastinating and thinking if I should try macarons (the "in" thing now) I finally decided that "Yes, why not learn something new?"

So.. I sign up for Aunty Yochana macaron class! I attended the class yesterday and yes, I love her class, so informative and fun! Learn alot of things and got alot of tips from her as well! She's a lovely lady!

But too bad I haven't got the pictures from a fellow student, I promise, I'll post the pictures straight away upon receiving them!

So, after the macaron class, I went to Sunlik today to get the ingredients for macarons!

I bought icing sugar, butter, magarine, almond meal, color powder and cocoa powder!

So yeah, I shall post up the pictures after trying the macarons! *Cross fingers* Hope it turns out well and pretty!


Tan Shuh Woon said...

hi Carrie,

May I ask how you cut yor silpat mat? I went to buy at Sun Lik yesterday. It still seems too big for my tray after cutting half, wonder if can cut away the side so have more space to place the macaron/cookies?

shuh woon

Carrie said...

Hi Shuh woon,

I cut up the silpat mat into half ytd, hmm.. cutting the silpat mat into half fits my oven nicely, I think you can cut at the sides as well. Cos the "cut side" is quite smooth, except you can feel the glass fiber, but other than that, its fine.

I use a penknife to cut it, I suggest that after cutting into half, just cut up one piece of the silpat mat first instead of cutting up both.. In case next time u decided to change your oven to a bigger one, one silpat can last for a long time, as from what I read online, can be used more than 3000 times.


Tan Shuh Woon said...

What oven are you using now? is it good? I constantly thinking to change oven, but my kitchen is too small and no built in place to fit oven. Are you going to lay the silpat mat on the baking tray or just put it into oven to without the tray?

sorry to ask you so many question...

Carrie said...

Hi Shuh Woon,

Nah, we're exchanging pointers! hehe! No need to be sorry!

The brand of my oven is ElBA, and seriously, maybe I'm a mountain tortise, I never heard of this brand. The oven was built into the cabinet in the kitchen by the contractor and it was there when we moved into the house. I think that oven is quite user friendly, it's simple to use and dn't hv to think much whether its fan or not..

I've another small oven bought by my sis, but its too small to bake things and I rarely use it.

I like those oven that u can set the temp digitally.. Cos my current oven does not support that function, so have to agar agar abit...

I'm going to place the silpat on a baking tray, easier to take out. Hehe

By the way, I'm posting up a post about my oven soon, maybe u can take a look at that. =)

Hope it helps!