Sunday, December 21, 2008

Constant wishlist....

Christmas is just round the corner, I wish for all my "wants" to come true!

B has given me my X'mas prezzie, a silpat mat, which is reallllyyy useful to me, and yeah, when I received that gift, I was literally jumping up and down, down and up.. beaming with joy!

But apart from silpat mat, there are other things which I want as well... *Equally useful to me*

So 1st up on my list:

kitchenAid!! it's every baker's dream to own one of these beauties! Apart from pleasing my eyes, its really useful! Using this KitchenAid, will make every creaming session a happy one!

Ahem** Trust me, I won't be picky at all! If someone buy me this, I won't be picky with the colours! But if its in RED or PINK will be good! My fav colours!

*Oh gosh, "they" are really so beautiful*

Down the list, its:

Woppes, the picture seems to be quite small... But this is a digital weighing scale! Moreover, its a pink one!

This will be extremely useful as well! It helps me to measure ingredients thats required in 2g? 1g?

Usually I avoid such recipes, imagin how on earth am I suppose to measure out flour that in 2g, using those normal type of weighing scale.. the minimal is 10g...

So yeah, this will be useful as well... I'm those practical type of person, I don't wish for things that I've no use for.

On a side note, if someone sells KitchenAid to me at 100++ bucks, trust me, I'll buy it! *Fat Hope* (But I doubt there's anyone that would do so..)

Oh Santa, please grant me my wishes!!


Tan Shuh Woon said...

hi, its me again! its my wish to get kitchen aid also, hv u heard if anyone get from US and its working fine here? Its so much cheaper there. Anyway, Kenwood and Kitchenaid is 2 different brand.

Carrie said...

Hi Shuh Woon,

Hahah, I dn't know, all along I tot that kenwood produces a kitchenAid.. So now I know, next time tell ppl then wn't malu.. Hehe!

Hmm.. My sis once in a yr does go overseas to US fr her biz trip, maybe can get her to lug it back for me.. Meanwhile, ask her to chip in $$ as well.. Hehehe!!