Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yoghurt Coffee Cake

Hiyee! Back in action again after hibernating for a long time! That day I've a sudden craving for some coffee, but at the same time, I want to stuff myself silly with some cakes.. So I came up with Coffee + Cake... And Tadah, COFFEE YOGHURT CAKE!

Like I mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of butter or margarine, therefore I use yoghurt and kick the butter aside.. But I couldn't provide the recipe for this Yoghurt coffee cake as I did this cake base on agar-ation, and I forgot to jot down the recipe.. =P
I'm too absent-minded for my age.. (Signs for aging?)
Well, anyway, this cake is quite moist and smell very nice! When its baking, the whole kitchen was filled with coffee scent, which makes me drools more! Moreover, this cake is not to sweet, which is good..
Based on what I did, the recipe yields about 10 muffins, and I alone polished off 2, my helper ate 2 as well, my mum and sis both ate 1 each. And the last 4 mini caffeine booster was given away to my granny. My mum commented that they love this as the coffee scent is really strong and enough to give them the caffeine boost! Hahah!


Cookie said...

My dear girl, if you are old at 18, I am a dinosaur! HAHA.

Carrie said...

Hi Cookie,

Nah, not a dino of cos! But sometimes I can really be very forgetful!

think I must eat more ginko nuts.. hehe!