Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Le Pasta... Special!

Well well.. this not a typical post of my bakes but rather, my main intention is to introduce all of you this fabulous stall! I mean, in order for someone to talk about your food, it must be really good or really bad, right? In this case, trust me, the food is YUMMY!

That day my sis, her BF and I pass by Bukit Timah Food Center, we decided to have our lunch there, and we tried LE PASTA.

It's located at Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre #02-158.

I tried this stall for twice.. And each time, the pasta dishes did not disappoint me!

I know from the young chef that he once work in a high class italian restaurant, and he operate this stall to gain experiences. I tried before the Truffle Scented Carbonara (actually my sis ordered this, but I took abt 1/4 of it), the chef uses truffle oil in this, and base on what I understand, I know that this truffle oil is an expensive stuff.. And I double check with the chef to see if I'm right, andbingo, I was told that he bought this small bottle of truffle oil for $20++.

Indeed, this truffle oil really spice up the whole pasta dish and brings the flavour to a higher level! Within this dish, there are egg, parmesan, bacon and truffle oil of course, and I really enjoy every bite of this dish!

Next up on the list, Frutti De Marie, I ordered this on the 2 diff occasion. It's actually a seafood base pasta and I like it because they have fresh seafood that's cook till perfection! It includes squid that are cooked till just nice not overcook (chewy, hard to chew), generous with the prawns, very big mussels, and lastly my favourite: Scallop! Yeah, some pasta stall (hawker) sells seafood pasta, but I never chance upon one that uses real, fresh scallop.

My sis's BF order Bolognese, I did not try that, but I heard raving reviews from him.

Lastly, we order 2 bowls of Home-Made Mushroom Soup, we was wondering if we'll be serve with canned mushroom soup (like most hawker western stall did). God, the mushroom soup is one of the best I've ever tried! Nothing like those canned ones! I can really spot and see chop-till-fine mushrooms in it! Absolutely delish! I like it very much, in fact, all of us love this and we slup it up with 10minutes? Then the chef's brother told us that this soup was sold in his previous workplace (italian restaurant) for about $15, and here, he only sell for $2.80! The chef's brother assure us that the taste of the soup with not be compromised at all.

I noticed that sliced garlics are added to the pasta. I wanted to pick out the garlic and throw on the table, but my sis asked me to try it, which I did.. The garlic taste is very subtle and not like what I imagined them to be... "smelly".

Extra toppings are available, starting from 50cents..
There are 3 choices of pasta as well, spaghetti, linguine and penne.

Maybe you would like to "preview" the menu first??

And overall, the rating for Le Pasta will be 8.5/10!

(I couldn't hide the fact that my stomach are growling now.. or rather.. whenever I think of Le Pasta's Pasta.. Hehehe)

And I'm terribly sorry that I did not provide any pictures.. Actually after I've ordered the food, I made a mental note to myself to remember the picture takings... But eventually when the food arrives right in front of me, I totally forgotten about the mental note, and attack the food like no tomorrow (cause they're too delicious.. hee). Lastly, lots of apologies for the lousy quality of pictures!

*Lesson learnt... mental notes are NOT work-able (for me)*

I promise, the next time I'm there, I'll take pictures of the foodies before attacking them.. Hehee!


Jo said...

Hi there! I googled 'Le Pasta' and found your post! I would like to link it to my post too! Hope it's ok with u. ;)

I'm not into baking (although i love cookies esp chocolate ones)...but your blog looks interesting! Maybe i'll drop by again to steal some of your recipes when i wanna start. Keke... Have to find something very easy though. ;p

Carrie said...

Hi Jo,

yes yes, you may link it. =)

Haha, yes, you should try baking, its really therpeutic! After each baking session, you will feel much more happier! Haha!