Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Macaron Baking Class By lovely Aunty Yochana

Hey Hey! As promised, I'm updating on the Macaron Baking Class on the 21st december.

The "Shi Fu" of this class is none other than Aunty Yochana. She's a petite lady, very friendly and really generous to share her baking tippys and she really make sures we understand every single bit of things!
Hehe, so after leaving her house.. I'm so much richer (in terms of knowledge on baking)! I would love to join her class again!

Pictures time! (Million of thanks to evelyn for sending me the pictures!)

Aunty Yochana's hand at work! See those macarons? Each piece looks the same size.. My macarons are never the same size.. Hee

Macaron Tartlettes (before baking)... I especially like the tart base.. So buttery and nice!!

Macaron Tartlettes (after baking), these tartlettes are so tiny and prettyyy! They're nice to eat, difficult to do... Lots of effort required!

Aunty Yochana serve all of us high tea as well! And boy, her bakes are tasty! I love the chocolate truffle cake, durian swissroll and the christmas fruit cake! There are alot more, but I've a poor memory.. can't remember.. Hehe..

I look forward to more of her baking lesson!


Mrs Ergül said...

Hi there! Can you share with me some information on Aunty Yochana's baking classes?

Thanks lots! xin nian kuai le!

Carrie said...

Hi Mrs Ergul,

Happy CNY to you too!

Yes I attend aunty Yochana's class before, hmm.. may I know what kind of infomation u want to know?


Postpet2 said...


Would like to know how can i attend aunty yochana's class?


Carrie said...

Hi postpet2,

Hmm.. What I did was to leave her a comment on her post, expressing my interest to join her class. I suppose u can do the same thing as well, and she will respone to you.