Sunday, December 14, 2008

My "good pal"

Alright, this is not related to bakes and foodies.. But to introduce myself a wheeny bit, I'm a avid dog lover (Trust me, any kinds of dogs!). Well, so I myself got a dog as well, a Jack Russell to be precise, 7 year old this year.

Base on what Chinese thinks is that 1 year of dog is equivalent to 9 human years, so can you imagine, how old my dog is this year? Doing your mathematics correctly, he is 63 this year (Even older than my papa!).

Now, without further adieu, let me proudly introduce my best pal, RUSKIE!

Alright, this is a major identity crisis... Ruskie is a guy...

Suntanning out there..

Where's my newspaper??

Ruskie loves durians, just like all Singaporeans, although ruskie is an Austrian!

Tada! Show you my butt... Woof Woofs!
Ruskie can be quite picky about food, in terms of expensive or cheap food... He loves strawberry, fish, pork, broccoli, apple.. many more... But he totally hates bread, unless it is tuna bread (with real fishy smell) and cannot consume any chicken.. else he will be a Mer-doggy (merlion) the next day! Lastly, he don't like cornflakes as well..
To make this slightly related to cooking and baking, ruskie loves to eat my bakes! Esp those buttery cakes, pandan chiffon cakes, Orange cake! Hmm.. on a side note, this means that my bakes are good! Remember I mention ruskie is a picky eater?
Okie, that's all for today's update.. need to tuck in soon..! And I'll make sure the next post will be non-dog related!


A little about me ... said...

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for linking me to your blog.

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Your dog is so cute...

Carrie said...

Hello Somewhere in SG,

Thank you, Yeah, its his looks that captivates our hearts! My dad and mum even takes him as their "son"


chumpman said...

Ruskie was cute and nice butt ! He seems to be quite picky about what he eats ut he loves durians ? LOL !

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Yeah, ruskie loves durian! In fact, I think that's his favorite food!