Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally done with CNY bakes!

Hello Peepss... I know I MIA-ed for the longest time ever.. Neglecting this little corner of mine.. But no worries, I'm back for good! In fact, back with more pictures and experiences to share! Yippee!

Year of OX is definitely a fruitful one for me.. Not that I start the year with a terrible flu + sore throat + all sorts of rubbish illness... BUT, it's the first time I attempted to bake my own Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies..

I did not bake a large variety like some bloggers/bakers did.. I just bake a suitable amount of goodies and of course at the same time, trying hard to shorten down my "To-Bake-List"..
So CNY is definitely a good reason to indulge myself in baking!

So after my last lesson on friday (ends at 3pm), I rushed down the Phoon Huat and NTUC (AmK) to get all the ingredients.. and sigh, B offered to help me.. But I insisted that I could manage it on my own.. and in the end, I lugged back a total of 10kg loots..

Upon reaching home, I called up B and complained to him that sometimes I really hated myself that I always like to "gek kiang" (Act smart)! Gosh, 10kg was really heavy, and I nearly die from carrying them! Hahha..!

I start the massive baking session on friday evening time, all the way from 7pm-2.30am! I took such a long time because I've have to painfully shape 500pc of peanut cookie by hand! After the first batch of peanut cookie, I really exhausted, so my kind helper Tila came to rescue me! Heheh! Million of thanks!

Kick start the whole session by baking PEANUT COOKIES

Although it is quite tedious to do most of the work by myself, but when I pop one of these self-made goodie into my mouth, I can only feel satisfaction!

These peanut cookies are really lovely, holds it's shape well, melt in the mouth and have a slight crunch.. Lovely is the word to describe! Hehe!

Next up on the list, COFFEE FLOWERS

Another buttery creation! Original recipe calls for instant coffee, but absent minded me, forgot to buy coffee when I'm shopping for ingredients.. Haha.. So I replaced it with milo.. it doesn't affect the taste much.. still as fragrant!


Woke up early in the morning at 9am to fry the pineapple paste.. after frying the first batch, I realised that 5 pineapples yields too little paste, so I rushed off to the market to grab another 5 pineapples... So a total of 10 pineapples.. But I still find that 10 is not enough.. Too little..

Look at the amount of pineapple juice! But my family member didn't drink those.. And I just throw them away.. I find that its quite wasteful so I drank a cup... Any ideas on what to do with these? so next time make pineapple tarts I can utilise this well..

Packed pineapple tarts.. Ready to give it away to B's family!

I'm really really very happy that my pineapple tart turns out to be such a success! Even my really fussy eldest sis said that it's really nice! All of them love the tarts! My dad said that I should make them and sell it out since its so nice.. Hmm.. Should I??

Frying 2 batches of pineapple took my 5 hours in total.. But like I've said, I've a lovely helper to help me with the 2nd batch. Meanwhile I went off to bake other type of goodies..

Made the ever popular CRUNCHY CORNFLAKE COOKIE:

Before sending them into the sauna.. hee..

All a personalised touch to the cornflake cookie for my helper T.I.L.A.. She was really amused when she saw this! Haha.. But I gobble up the L and I as she claims that that's my initials, so I ought to eat them up.. Which I did! hehe!

These cornflake cookies are crunchy on the outside, slightly melt-in-the mouth on the inside.. and the crushed cornflake adds on good amount of texture and crunch when this tiny cookie melts in your mouth.. I was totally amazed by it's texture and mouth-feel (Kou3 gan3).. And so, I pop 6 into my mouth at a go! It's really addictive!

Last but definitely not the very least... ALMOND COOKIES

I made these cookies slightly bigger than the peanut cookie.. I find that this is really nice as well! Almonds in it makes the cookie crunchy and I added lots of barang barang (not indicated in recipes) into the making of these cookies.. Maybe its my luck that all those "any-o-how" addition of ingredients can make these cookie crunchy, yet at the same time "melty"! Hehe! Nice Nice!

Seems like I hit the jackpot this time, cos out of so many recipes that I wanted to make for CNY, I choose some to make, and it turns out to be popular within my family! Hehe!

Of all these bakes, I kept some for my family, gave away some to my granny, and B's family.. Hope they like the cookies.. As they are all BAKE-WITH-LOVE!



Cookie said...

Hi Carrie,
That's quite an achievement!

I also made my own pineapple paste, and realised I need so many pineapple to get so little paste!

For the juice, will keep for 3 days if refrigerated. Freeze for a few months. So what I did was to keep about 1L in the fridge (drink 1 glass every day). Freeze the rest in as ice cube. They can be defroze to drink or make hummingbird cake.

Carrie said...

Hi Cookie,

I see.. Oh yah, hummingbird cake... It's been a yr since i last bake them! Haha! maybe i can bake some for my maternal grandma.

Yes, I use 9 pineapples, and it yields that little amount of pineapple.. My dad said next yr just order a big basket of pineapples! haha!


Thoughts of U said...

Hi Carrie

Just drop by to tell you that the pineapple tarts you made looks very very good. By the way, mind sharing the recipe.

If I'm right, B must be your ......hehehe. I know how it feels to cook for a guy...

Anyway, job well done.


Carrie said...

Hi thoughts of you,

Yeah.. Hehe, u're right..

By the way, I'm so sorry that I'm unable to post the recipe for the CNY goodies, cos I'm intending to bake for sale next year, so sorry!

As for the pineapple tarts, I got the recipe from my aunty, so its not convenient to share as well, sorry!


Thoughts of U said...

Hi Carrie

Sure, its alright then, not a prob....