Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bento #3

Another bento lunch prepared by yours truly.. And I really mean it that I cook these from scratch.. Considering that it's quite an achievement.. Hehe

My favourite strawberry shortcake box! (Cos it's big, can dump lots of things in it and its PINK!)

This bento filled with (L-R, clockwise): Blanched french beans with grilled capsicum, pan fry pumpkins, thai sweet chilli sauce, pieces of Otah skewer together, blanch baby corn, pan fried blackpepper salmon, and blanched broadbeans?

Gosh, suddenly just forgot the name of the bean.. But I assume it is alright cos A picture worths a thousand words, yeah?

I really enjoy the salmon very much! Cos I marinated it with lots of black and white pepper.. Fiery hot.. YUM!


SIG said...

Where did you get that bento?? I want! I love SS too. :)

Carrie said...


I got this strawberry shortcake box from Minitoons (AMK hub outlet). You can check it out, that day I saw quite a few other SS bento boxes.