Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bento #4

Went back to school yesterday with classmates to mug for the upcoming exams.. So I woke up early in the morning (only 1 hour earlier) to prepare a bento for B..

I packed the bento using Lock n' Lock lunch box and a free lipton box.

Lunch today consist of gourmet blackpepper hotdog bun with cheese and egg, bacon potatoe salad, fried butterfly prawns (X3). In another seperated box, I added in watermelons (X2), slices of orange and strawberries (X3).

The strawberries are from korea, and it's really sweet.. My dad bought 2 punnet for $5. So it works out to be $2.50/punnet.

I think its quite cheap.. Consider to get 2 punnet for my bakes.. hehe!

Coming back to this bento, B really enjoyed the food! He asked me to double up the potatoe salad and the prawns! Heheh! And I'm really glad that he enjoyed the food I've prepared for him!



Lazyg3r said...

I like your blue bento box. I wish my 19yo sis can cook and bake like you. Haha...

Carrie said...

Hi Lazyg3r,

Haha, I think it depends alot on individual character and interest.. Partly its because I like to eat alot, so I will try to recreat the dish.. hehe

And by the way, thanks for visiting!