Friday, February 13, 2009

My favourite subject

Ello all..

Sharing with you what I did for my Secondary 4 O'levels Food and Nutrition exam..

Appetiser: Watercress and Peas soup
Main: Baked fish with herb butter
Side dish: Chicken Potatoe Patties
Dessert: Berry delicious yoghurt

I was given 2 hours to whip up all this.. It wasn't stressful at all, in fact, I enjoyed the whole process very much!

I still remember during my sec school days, my favourite subject is none other than Food and Nutrition! We get to cook once every 2 weeks.. Most of the time we cook..

Actually cooking is another passion of mine.. I love to cook.. Cook for my family and those peeps that I love..

So in this bloggie, apart from my bakes, I will post up my "cooks" (if there's any) and my bento.. Stay tuned!!

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