Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mommy's Birthday Cake

Made this cake for Mom on her birthday..

This is the first time I make a cake for my mommy.. I wasn't confident with frosting the cake and decorating them, lack of the creative juice in me.. Hehe..

So being her 50th Birthday this year, I raised up my hands and "volunteer" to bake her a cakie, nothing fanciful just a simple blackforest cake but frosted in chocolate ganache.

My mum was really happy when she saw the cake. Actually there's no element of surprise in here, my mom saw me busying frosting the cake and decorating it, so there is no "WOW-reaction" in her face.. All I could see was her beaming away.. Maybe she's proud of me? (I guess so too!)

Sharing with you the pictures:

Did wrote some short messages on the cake board using white chocolate.. But this picture was taken by my sister before writting.. Or rather when I was melting the chocolate, she took this picture.. Haha..

What I wrote was "Happy birthday, Mommy" (In chinese) and drew a big heart shape beside the text! Hehe! (shows that I love my mommY!)

This is exactly the same cake as B's Bday cake, only difference is that I uses chocolate ganache (1/3 milk chocolate, 2/3 dark chocolate) to frost the cake. My family don't really adore creams..

Well, anyway, that day she was really happy, maybe its because all the family members + all the boyfriends was there to celeb with her.. And I believe my cake did make some contribution to her happiness as well! Hehe!

I wouldn't mind all the trouble, as long as my mommy is happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
A wonderful cake, nice creation.


Anonymous said...

Your mom must be very proud of you.
Happy belated birthday to your mom.:-)


Carrie said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for your compliment! U're so kind!


Carrie said...

Hi Annon,

thank you!