Monday, March 2, 2009

Durian/ chocolate cuppies!

My family was invited to go to my uncle's baby full month celebration. As my sis is sponsoring 3 duckies as an add on to the buffet dinner, I wanted to bring along some food as well.. So in the end decided to stick to my forte- baking..

Wanted to bake 40 cuppies, but couldn't decide on the flavor.. I wanted to to bake a variety, but couldn't afford the time, wanna bake a single flavor, but I'm afraid it'll be too boring... So in the end bake 2 different flavors.. DURIAN N' CHOCOLATE!

Bake the Little Devil Chocolate Cupcakes and top with lots of coarsely crushed digestive crackers.. Quite a good move actually as it add on crunchy-ness to the cuppies, and yes.. This cupcake is addictive!

Didn't have time to pack them nicely.. So hehe.. Just stack them up all together in a box and lug them to my uncle hse..
Next up on the list is Durian cupcakes..

Add a tablespoon of cake batter and top with 1 full teaspoon of durian puree..

After baking, I like the golden colour on the cupcake, and yes, its crunchy on the surface, soft inside... And a well hidden "surprise".

Tadah! Surprise revealed! Lots and lots of durian puree! Hmm.. Looks like custard cream right? Hehe..

First bit, your teeth will be welcomed by the crunchy crust, and hit by the softness of the durian flavored cake, then followed by the soft, creamy and slightly bitter durian center, that fills your mouth with the durian fragrance!

*One complaint though... Should triple the amount of durian filling!*

Using a template, I dust the durian cupcakes with cocoa powder.. Tried using Hershey's, but it the colour is too light.. And doesn't complement the colour of the durian cupcakes well.. So I used valhora's cocoa powder.. Nicer contrast.

The guest praises the cuppies! I'm really so glad that they enjoyed the cupcakes (as much as I do)!

On a side note, the durian cupcakes was gone by the first hour, and it was quite a hit among the guest! As for the chocolate cuppies, those who tried gave their comments that it's very chocolate-y, moist and not too sweet.. Even my fussy cousin took 3 piece! Achievement eh? HEHE!


chumpman said...

Although I'm not a big fan of durian but don't know why I suddenly have craving of it and want to take a bite of this cupcake. Perhaps durin puree really catch my eyes, hehe.

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Hahah, Yeah, I guess the color of the durian looks tempting.. Haha.. I know, there's only 2 outcome when you try durian.. Either you like it or you don't.. Hahah


Grace said...

Oh my god, durian flesh as custard filling... THAT IS GENIUS. Haha I can't wait to try out this wonderful new invention

And I know what you mean about durian being something you either like or don't -- except with my friends, it's more like, either they love it or they absolutely can't stand it... bahaha

Carrie said...

Hi Grace,

Yes, one of my friend can't stand durian as well! But most of them loves it! Haha!

usually ppl thinks that its a plain cake flavor with durian only.. so it's really a pleasent surprise that there's real durian flesh in the middle..