Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Betty Cocker's Premix

Sometimes the laziness within me forces me to use premix..

Yes, I'm lazy I know.. but what to do when you're lack of basic ingredients to make cookies, but only left with a stick of butter and a bag of premix? (And FYI, I can get a tub of freshly baked, and absolutely delish cookies in 1 hr! (We love things to be speedy, right?)

So say YES to premix, esp Betty Cocker's! I like the one above, as the taste is really good.. Except that its slightly whineeyy bit too sweet..

I usually drop big tablespoon of cookie dough to bake.. It will spread out by itself (thanks to the butter). To get a crispier cookie, bake it for a few more minutes.

So purpose of this post is to share with all, the brand of cookie premix I like to use, and if there's a day where you're stuck in a situation like me, you might want to consider using this to satisfy the cravings for freshly made cookies that are still warm!


Cookie said...

Hi Dearie, I do succumb to premix too, but apart from the convenience, nothing beat the feeling of homemade cookies from scratch!

BTW, you know that you can make your own premix?


Carrie said...

Hi cookie,

Oh is it? Can you share with me how to make my premixs?

Cos sometimes I wanna make some cookies, but really too lazy to weight everything..