Sunday, March 8, 2009

A gift form heart

Went over to my maternal grandma's house today.. The family knows that I can and I love to bake.. But they don't have much chances to try my bakes.. Mainly it's because we're staying too far apart..

So today my sis is going over, so I quickly whip up a cake in 1 hour time! Wanna make an orange chiffon cake, but looking at the limited amount of time I've (not enough time to prepare the orange peels), I abort that thought.. and settle for some bakes that I'm familiar with.. So decided on Cinnamon Teacake (Yes, again I know..).

Recipe for Cinnamon Teacake can be obtained from HERE

The specks of brown-y stuffs are not "chao-ta" patches.. It's the cinnamon sugar that I sprinkle onto..

I love the fragrances of this cake, it's really comforting.. But comments from uncle:

1. Slightly too sweet
2. Should use finer flour, like top flour. As he finds that the texture of the cake is quite rough.
3. Use LESS LEss less cinnamon sugar sprinkles.
4. He prefer something that's more buttery in taste.

I would definitely take his comments into consideration next time when I bake some more stuffs for them to feast on. Will definitely lessen the amount of sugar use.. Cos I forgot, his family is same as mine, non sugar-holic.. Hehe!

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