Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Comfort Food..

If you ask me what's my comfort food, it has got to be Kiam Peng (direct translation from hokkien is 'salty rice')

Actually wanna cook yam rice, but in the end, I add in lots of other stuffss.. So my dad corrected me that what I've cooked today is not yam rice, it's KIAM PENG + YAM. *Faints*

As some of you might have already know, I really hate eating plain rice, but eating this kiam peng and fried rice is ok for me.. In fact, I ate 2 serving of kiam peng! Really Yummy!

Went out early in the morning (7.30am) to the market to get some yam, lean pork and cabbage.. Bought a really nice big yam, something my dad loves to eat!

Afterwhich, came home and start to prepare the ingredients and cook the kiam peng, so just nice its ready for lunch. Heee, and this dish is my own concortion.. Geez

Look at my mix-and-match rice... I know it's really messy..

In it goes into the pot with sufficient water to cook..

End result.. Really nice and super fragrant... Exactly the same taste as my grandma's! But I find that it's not salty enough, and because of this my dad jokingly said that my kiam peng is not the authentic one.. Haha

But something that really made me hopping mad is that after I dump the content into the rice cooker, I happily leash my dog out for a walk.. And when I reach home, guess what my helper told me? "No electricity!" The 2nd shock falls in.. I walk to the kitchen, I saw my sis adding a big cup of water into the wok.. and yeah, my rice sort of like "transform" itself into loh mai kai texture.. But still taste good!

I used lean pork in this kiam peng, but what I suggest is to use roast pork, it definitely makes a whole lot of difference to this dish.

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