Sunday, March 29, 2009

A promise made... LONG TIME AGO...

Yes.. Finally brought a promise into actuality.. I made a promise to B 1.5 yrs ago that I'll cook for him a bake rice..

Baked Rice.. His ultimate favourite food! I tried to imitate those restaurant to create a set lunch specials.. So here's my set lunch menu:

1. Main Course- Seafood baked rice

2. Sides- Grilled chicken and Capsicums on stick

3. Drinks- Homemade Icy Lemon Tea

4. Desserts- Ice cream... Serve in a special way

He has an "Ang Moh Soul" trapped in an asian body.. Haha! He will choose western food over any chinese-style food.. And since today's theme is western food, I guess he'll enjoy the food as much as I do.. Keke!

The seafood baked rice, before baking.. I top the dish with lots and lots and lots of cheese.. whole packet actually.. =p

After baking.. I did not wait for the cheese (in the middle) to brown.. Simply because my dad and B was waiting at the dining room, and my dad was rushing me to be quick.. Guess he was really hungry.. Nevertheless, the taste is still great!

I use sotong, fish, prawns, ham and potato for the baked rice..

Meanwhile, I use the other oven to grill this chicken.. That's the good side when you've a 2nd oven (even tho it's smaller).. You can use it to bake multiple things at the same time.

This is how I serve the chicken.. Actually I wanted to do some decoration to the food before serving, but like I've said, I was running out of time.. *Need a better time management*

The Ice Lemon Tea, made by yours truly..

Dessert of the day.. Crispy Biscuit base top with Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream + milk chocolate coated strawberries..

So... the verdict from the "food tasters" is that the baked rice is good! YEah, B gave me 10/10!! I was really over the moon when I heard that! *Maybe he was just being kind??* Hehe!


Maya Yunos said...

Well, good thing he gave a 10...or else he has to wait for another 1.5 years b4 his next "angmoh meal" haha! :D

Btw, E baked rice look delish! I never tried making my own baked Im so gonna try. Thanks to u! :)

Carrie said...

Hi Maya,

Hahaha! Yeah.. Nah, if he dn't give a 10, No more homecook food for him! Hahah! Just kidding!!

I use to put off the idea of making bake rice cos I've the idea that it's very difficult and it's something meant for the pros.. But now that I've tried, I find that it's still manageable.. =)