Monday, March 23, 2009


Just a sudden random thought...

If I've my own house in the future..

I want...

1. My Kitchen...
  • To be bright and BIG
  • Be RED in colour
  • Equip with kitchenAid (In this colour/ or white)
  • A really good oven
  • A microwave
  • A big big fridge (Yes, you read it right, must be a big big one to store all those barang barangs)
  • An island
  • In modern stylish design

But first of all, I must earn alot alot of money in order to make a dream come true.. Hehe..

I guess only the KitchenAid, Oven and a basic fridge is a Need, whereas the rest are Wants.. =p


Anonymous said...

It's good to dream and I believe your dreams would come true. :)

Warm regards,

Carrie said...

Hi Annon,

Yeah, I believe too.. Will try my best to make dreams into reality! keke!