Friday, April 10, 2009

Got Really Addicted To.... This Game..

What??!! You're not updating your blog with your bakes?!

No? Din bake anything recently?!

Yes, I did not bake anything recently.. Why? Cos I got really hook on to a game.. COOKING ACADEMY 2!

Oh My, it's a really really addictive game.. Initially I tried the free trial (playing the full version for 1 hr only), then I realised that boy, the game is really fun and good..

It's all about cooking.. Thr's chinese crusines, western stuff etc etc.. Really fun.. I guess I like this game bcos in actual life, I like to cook and bake as well... So in this game, I can cook (and play) like a chef.. keke!

So after playing that for 1 hr, I realised that I need to have the unlimited full version, if not this game will definitely haunt my mind.. Keke

So thanks to B, he managed to get the full version of the game for me! I was really over the moon! Lots and million of thanks to U, B!

Err... So it seems like I'll go MIA for another week.. Fully immerse myself in the joy of playing this game! Whhheee!


chumpman said...

You got hook to Cooking Academy ? I got hook to Pet Society too, LOL ! I was really busy to earn coins for getting furnitures, outfits and food for my pet by playing with other pets and washing for them. My mom teased me and said I should get myself a job as a cleaning lady wow.

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Hahaha! Your mommy is so funny! But some game can really get us real hooked on!! *Dangerous* Keke!

Happy playing! (to the both of us)