Sunday, April 5, 2009

Marinated Guavas... DELICIOUS!! (2)

Made another batch of marinated guavas yesterday! Hmm.. But this batch of guavas couldn't "survive" for more than 2 day.. Cos they all end up in our stomach!!! Hee!!

Really yummy.. Taste like the 1st batch, except this time round is not so sweet.. I've learnt from the previous experience, so I washed 3/4 amount of orange peels under running water hoping that it'll wash off most of the sugar on it.. And it works! Oh ya, I did up-up the no(s). of lime used, for the same amount of guavas, I used 5 limes (and I find that it makes the guavas more appetitsing) and chop up the 3/4 of the whole lime and marinate it together.

This time round the taste definitely suits my tastebuds more! And I wish to experiment with other different types of fruits. =)

For the recipe, please get it from here. Please do make the changes accordingly. =)

Have a nice day!

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