Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bento #2

Prepared a simple bento lunch for myself... Really simple and tasty... Heheh, maybe I was really hungry then..

Used the newly brought bento box (and bento strap) from daiso, its really spacious, can put alot of foodie in it.

Top tier: Stir fry cabbage with belachan chilli (courtesy of B's mom), fry egg cut out with flower and star shape.

Bottom tier (L-R): Organic brown rice in heart shape, pan fry garlic fish and prawn-y potatoe croquette (did I spell it correctly?)

I sprinkle Japanese chilli flakes onto almost every thing! I totally adore spicy food! The belachan chilli given by B's mom is really good! Very very spicy and flavor-full... Haha!

If I do cook for myself to eat, I tend to fill up my bento box with all of my favourite food, cooked in my favourite way! I guess its a way to make myself feel satisfied.. Hehe


chumpman said...

Hi, Carrie

Bento box looks good but food inside looks much tempting !!! You really pamper yourself with such a good meal, lol ! Star and flower shape fried egg, heart shape organic brown rice, sure not only look nice but tasteful and healthy too. Cheers !

Carrie said...

Hi Chumpman,

Yeah, I cook all this without using any oil. heheh.. actually if you notice, I only make 2 small ball of brown rice cos I don't really like my rice plain.. prefer fried rice! hehe!