Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bento #5

Today marks the 3rd day of Common test.. Really exhaust myself greatly from all the muggings..

Anyway, prepared a Bento for Mr B.. He's having he Basic Theory Test (after much nudgings) in the evening time, and knowing him inside out, I'm quite certain that he will be hungry by teatime, and thus, the purpose of this bento!

A relatively easy bento that I took 20 minutes to prepare (including the thawing and cooling time).

I make sure I pack everything right up to the brim as B has a "healthier than normal" appetite.. Keke..

I made a Egg prawn sandwich (B likes his prawns), squeezed some salad cream (else it'll be too dry) and top with some sliced onions. (wanted to include some cheese, but ran out of it)

Also added an apple for fibre, a packet of hello panda chocolate biscuit, and a Quaker Oatmeal rasin cereal bar, just to make sure that it can fill him up to 50% satiety.

Basically, I just make do with the things I've on hand to assemble this bento.

Hope he enjoyed his meal, and I'm sure he'll pass his BTT!!


kel said...

Hi, hop over to say hi after reading ur comment from mine, welcome to the bentoing society ;)

Carrie said...

Hi Kel,

Heheh.. But Im still a amature in bentoing.. Just know how to pack sandwiches! haha!


(( SKY )) said...

That's a nice healthy meal.

Carrie said...

Hi Sky,

Yeah! And taste good too! =)


DG said...

Hi Carrie,

Kaypoh a bit. Have you bought the jelly round mold already? I saw it at Sunlik $2.50/pc last Saturday.

Carrie said...

Hi DG,

So sorry for the much delayed reply.. Was really busy for the whole month.

I haven get it yet, really super duper busy with exams.. Hehe.. So not much time to bake and stuff.. Will make a trip down to sunlik after I've clear the stuffs at hand. By the way, thanks for updating me on where to get it!!



Cookie said...

Hey Carrie,
Miss all your bakes... come back soon!

Carrie said...

Hi Cookie,

I'll be back in action soon!! Have quite a few recipes in mind, and determined to try it out! =)